Evac Complete Cleantech Solution aboard Tallink’s Megastar ferry

Evac Complete Cleantech Solution including vacuum collection, wastewater treatment, dry and wet waste, fresh water and automation systems can be found aboard Megastar, the new generation LNG shuttle ferry of AS Tallink Grupp. The ferry is built at Meyer Turku Yard, Finland shipyard for delivery in the beginning of 2017. The ship will operate on the route between Helsinki and Tallinn and she is planned to carry 2800 passengers.

Green values, reduction of all emissions, minimizing the amount of waste and increasing recycling utilization, have been very carefully taken into account in the design of the ferry. The ship uses LNG as fuel and she complies with the new and stricter emission regulations for the ECA areas including the Baltic Sea.

Watch video: Evac Complete Cleantech Solution aboard Tallink ferry