Spare parts

HEM - spare-parts

HEM stocks a comprehensive range of spare parts and consumables for all of their equipment

To test the quality of onboard water, we also supply a range of control, measure and regulation equipment in kit form.

If you require advice or assistance, please contact a member of our technical team. We will be pleased to arrange the immediate despatch of items worldwide.

Testing and measuring equipment

Calibration solutions and reagents

All buffer solutions and reagents required for conductivity, TDS, pH and chlorine measurement and instrument calibration.

Mini controllers and probes

Probes and controllers for conductivity and pH control and measurement.

Test kits

Test kits for pH, chlorine, salinity and hardness.

Filtration and consumables

A complete range of prefilter and water treatment elements is available.
HEM can also supply gravel, sand, active carbon, resin amberlite and other materials used in filters and water softeners.
Chemicals for cleaning RO membranes, Hadex, Exactophos and pump oil are also available.

Membranes and complete vessel assemblies

HEM membrane elements have the highest flow rates available to meet the water demands of both sea-based and land-based desalinators.

Complete pressure vessel assemblies are available in 2.5”, 4” and 8” pressure vessel sizes.


A range of motors are available including:

  • 5RN 100-132-160
  • 5RC100
  • 1.5kW LFRT


Low pressure and high pressure pumps are available together with comprehensive spares for all models.