Evac launches renewed Optima 5 and Optima 3 lines of vacuum toilets

Evac launches renewed Optima 5 and Optima 3 lines of vacuum toilets

Evac Marine offers two categories of vacuum toilets for maritime use, the Evac Optima 5 and the Evac Optima 3. There is also a completely new vacuum operated urinal.

The Evac Optima 5 line of toilets is intended for cruise ships, river cruise vessels, luxury yachts and other vessels demanding a high level of luxury and technical features. The Optima 5 line with the quietest flush on the market includes also features like flushing memory, vacuum guard and a silencer valve for silent flushing. The push-button is completely renewed, and provides the option for autoflush. The toilet is provided with hard cover.

Evac Optima 5

comes in a wide variety of different models including: wall and floor model, B15 and USPH. Focus on both models Optima 3 and 5 has been on design and safety. ASP- air suction protection avoids user to get caught if flushed while sitting.

The Evac Optima 3 line of vacuum toilets is intended for merchant vessels, offshore vessels and rigs, Navy vessels, Coast Guard vessels and workboats. The Evac Optima 3 line of toilets has been completely renewed. The new design features now also a floor model. The Evac Optima 3 floor model has a unique hidden floor connection, and optional wall or bowl push button placement. The improved flushing mechanism is one of the quietest on the market. The water consumption is very low and the toilet is light and compact and easy to maintain. The Evac vacuum toilets are fully pneumatic.

The Evac Optima Urinal is of compact design with no need for a vacuum interface tank. The vacuum mechanism is integrated in the unit, as in the toilets. As an option, it provides waterless usage, with zero water flush.

The Optima toilet family will be displayed at our Evac stand at the SMM Hall A1, Booth 403 (new place)


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