Evac now a member of Cleantech Finland

Evac –the world’s leading provider of integrated waste, wastewater, and water management systems targeted toward marine, offshore, and building industries– is now a member of Cleantech Finland, a network of cleantech companies and experts based in Finland.

We value this new membership, as we believe that it supports the implementation of our cleantech and environmentally friendly solutions-based strategy by offering us an opportunity to promote our systems in new channels and to network with a wider audience.

Evac solves the clean technology challenges of its customers and in this way helps them to decrease their environmental footprint. Our operations truly save natural resources and help the environment. A calculation is attached which presents the amount of waste and wastewater generated during a cruise and how it is decreased to minimum with our systems.

Evac has a long history of cleantech solutions targeted at marine, offshore, and building industries. The history of our vacuum collection systems stretches back to the 1970s and that of the wastewater treatment systems to the 1980s. In addition, the dry and wet waste management systems have been among our offerings for nearly ten years already. Today, we have over 14,000 shipbuilding references, ranging from sailboats to large luxury cruise liners, and over 2,000 building references, including grocery stores, railway stations, and other public premises.

Read more about Cleantech Finland at http://cleantechfinland.com/.

For further information about Evac and our Cleantech Finland membership:
Carita Lehmusmetsä, Brand and Communications Manager at Evac, tel. +358 44761 9559, firstname.lastname@en.evac.com.