Evac: Saving 13 billion liters of water per year

Evac makes cleaner seas and a better environment

Evac is the world’s leading provider of integrated waste-, wastewater-, and water management systems for the marine, offshore, and building industries. Evac products have made for cleaner seas and a better environment for decades.

Since 1979, the cleantech company has carried out over 20,000 marine-, 1,500 offshore- and 2,000 building projects around the world, resulting in significant savings of our natural resources thanks to its products: vacuum collection, wastewater treatment, dry- and wet waste treatment, freshwater generation, and systems automation.

Savings as a megatrend

Saving water and energy are megatrends which affect businesses internationally. Evac vacuum toilets in use save over 13 billion liters of water each year – the amount of water in the River Thames to flow through London in 55 hours.

Evac systems save both water and energy, purifying wastewater to 99 percent clean effluent for discharge or reuse. The remaining one percent sludge may be burned in Evac incinerators aboard vessels.

In the marine and offshore industries, Evac provides systems supporting its customers to achieve environmental goals by allowing them to collect and treat dry- and wet waste. Evac offers systems for compacting recyclable dry waste such as glass, aluminum, and cardboard into space-saving bales or briquettes that can be taken ashore. Mixed waste may either be burned or taken ashore in space-saving briquettes.

“Our company makes a strong impact supporting the sustainable operations of our customers. We are committed to developing energy-efficient systems that meet or exceed related environmental regulations,” says Evac CEO Tomi Gardemeister.

At sea, on shore, and in between

Evac systems are used by the world’s leading players at sea, on shore, and in between.

Prominent cruise lines, including the world’s biggest cruise vessels, Ropax vessels and ferries, merchant vessels, yachts, and navies and coast guards, are equipped with Evac technologies. Offshore companies use Evac on deep water construction vessels, accommodation platforms, plus platform installation and pipelay vessels.

On land, the compactness of Evac technology is ideal for the preservation of historic structures, and it enables maximum flexibility in the design and construction of lightweight modern architectural wonders. Evac products serve Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy’s oldest bridge, yet they are also found in ultra-modern, energy-efficient structures like Australia’s new Cbus Property flagship office in Sydney.

Many grocery stores and shopping chains are equipped with Evac solutions which, for example, collect condensate and wastewater via vacuum technology, enabling maximum flexibility in store layout changes.

Evac vacuum toilets in use save over 13 billion liters of water each year.
Evac vacuum toilets in use save over 13 billion liters of water each year.
Infographics - daily waste amount on a cruise vessel
In the marine and offshore industries, Evac provides systems used for both wastewater treatment and for treating and recycling dry and wet waste.