Integration programme focuses on uniting strengths of Evac and Cathelco

In the three months since Evac Group acquired Cathelco, the UK manufacturers of equipment for the marine industry, considerable progress has been made in harmonizing the operations of the two companies.

The aim is to create a single integrated global business drawing on the technical strengths and best operating practices of both firms, whilst further extending the ‘cleantech’ ethos.

Although the companies serve the same markets which include cruise and commercial vessels as well as the offshore industry, there is the need to bring their operating systems into alignment.

This will benefit customers by providing integrated solutions which can combine the waste, wastewater and water management systems offered by Evac with the marine growth prevention, hull corrosion protection and desalinators produced by Cathelco. Particular attention is being focused on the Evac Evolution ballast water treatment system which has enormous global sales potential in the years ahead.

The integration programme covers all aspects of operations with priority given to the commercial aspects of the unification, ensuring that customers have clear points of contact offering a coordinated and consistent level of service.

There is already a strong affinity between many business areas, particularly in terms of producing reverse osmosis desalinators and potable water treatment systems. The aim will be to capitalise on this expertise, uniting technical capabilities to enhance products and levels of service.

At the same time, areas such as after sales integration will be examined to arrive at an outcome that provides the best possible service to customers around the world. Longer term aims will focus on research and development, uniting the spirit of innovation which has characterised the growth of both companies.

“It has been recognised that the integration must not affect the successful aspects of either business, in other words the things that have made the companies world leaders in their own fields. Therefore, we are being careful to preserve the best things from both methods of operation”, said John Hollis, Chief Financial Officer at Cathelco, who is involved in managing the integration at Cathelco’s office in Chesterfield.

During the 18 month integration programme, John Hollis will be working alongside Peter Mohn, Senior Vice President, Evac Group Development Projects, who is encouraged by the progress that has already been made.

“We have already have encouraging proof of the excellent match of Evac and Cathelco people, systems and knowhow. Thanks to the unification of the two organizations, we can now better support our customers needs with an improved range of solutions and extended service network”, commented Peter Mohn.

In terms of marketing, one of the early decisions was that the ballast water treatment system developed by Cathelco will be re-branded as the Evac Evolution system. The system which can be installed on cruise and commercial vessels has been designed to comply with the latest IMO G8 and U.S. Coast Guard ‘live/dead’ standards. It is currently awaiting Type Approval following the completion of land and sea-based testing.


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