Looking for an alternative solution to traditional gravity toilets?

Check out the brand new Evac Optima 5 advanced vacuum toilet product leaflet created to highlight the benefits of using a vacuum toilet in the building industry.

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The operating principle of the Evac vacuum toilet system couldn’t be simpler. Instead of relying on traditional solutions that use gravity to remove waste and which are heavily reliant on the location of services cores and outgoing sewer connections, the Evac system flushes the toilet by creating a powerful vacuum.  The Evac Optima 5 vacuum toilet, the quietest vacuum toilet on the market, is highly economical, consuming 75 to 90 percent less water per flush than a traditional gravity toilet. The Evac Optima 5 is also more hygienic as it effectively removes contaminants, mist, and odors from the bowl rather than allowing them to escape into the surrounding atmosphere.

Amount of water saved with Evac vacuum toilets

More information about the Evac Optima 5 vacuum toilets at https://en.evac.com/solutions/vacuumcollection/evacoptima5/#building