New Evac EcoVac vacuum unit for large vacuum toilet systems

 Evac EcoVac

Evac Marine launches the new high capacity Evac EcoVac vacuum system, intended for vessels with hundreds of vacuum toilets onboard, such as cruise ships. The size and design of the Evac EcoVac provides high capacity combined with good energy efficiency. It features a vacuum buffer stabilizing system. Evac EcoVac is based on proven Evac technology, and has been delivered for a number of cruise ships already.

Evac EcoVac is available for capacities of 100 cu.m., 175 cu.m., 240 cu.m. and 300 cu.m.

Mainly thanks to its big vacuum buffer tank capacity, the energy efficiency of Evac EcoVac is about half of that of systems with a screw type of vacuum pump, providing remarkable cost savings.

New Evac OnlineMax R

The Evac OnlineMax R is an improved version of the well known OnlineMax vacuum system for wastewater. It is intended for cruise ships, passenger ferries and river cruise ships with a smaller number of vacuum toilets than the EcoVac. The Evac OnlineMax R is also ideal for upgrade and retrofit installation. A number of components have been renewed and the design is new, providing a small footprint. The unit includes a catcher for hard objects.


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About Evac

Evac is a global company that designs, manufactures and markets environmentally friendly water, waste and wastewater collection and treatment systems for the shipbuilding and construction industries.

Evac Marine is the market leader in the marine field, with more than 30 years of experience in the business. The number of references, from sailing boats to large luxury cruise liners, is over 12,000.

In the fiscal year 2012/2013, Evac Group had a turnover of EUR 65,5 million with 180 employees and direct presence in Finland, the US, China, Korea, France, Germany, Norway and Brazil, with a worldwide network of agents and distributors.