Tomas Michelsson starting as the President, Offshore and Merchant, on Jan 8, 2018

Tomas Michelsson has been appointed as the President, Offshore and Merchant business area, effective Jan 8, 2018. Tomas is replacing the former President, Claes Rudling, who has retired during the summer.

Previously, Tomas has worked as the Vessel Type Responsible (VTR) Global Sales Manager, Ro-Pax and Yachts, ABB Marine, and as the Director, Marine and Offshore business unit, Marioff.

Tomas Michelsson

Picture above: Tomas Michelsson


Evac has four business areas with a diverse clientele

Evac Group restructured its sales organization with the goal of improving customer service and further developing relationships with key customers in spring 2017. Since restructuring, Evac has had four global business areas: Cruise, Offshore and Merchant, Building, and After Sales. Each area encompasses several distinct customer groups.

Cruise business area
Business Area President: Ljubo Jurisevic
Customer groups:

  • Cruise vessels
  • Ferries (with customer-specific products and more than 1000 persons on board)
  • River cruise vessels.

Offshore and Merchant business area
Business Area President: Tomas Michelsson (as of Jan 8, 2018. Sales Director Markus Peltola substituting until then)
Customer groups:

  • Ropax vessels and ferries (with standard products and less than 1000 persons on board)
  • Yachts
  • Cargo vessels
  • Work boats and special vessels
  • Navy and coast guard vessels
  • Offshore vessels and platforms

Building business area
Business Area President: Dominique Gosnet

Customer groups:

  • Supermarkets and warehouses
  • Healthcare facilities and laboratories
  • Universities, offices and institutions
  • Hospitality, leisure facilities and shopping malls
  • Correctional facilities
  • High-traffic areas

After Sales business area
Business Area President: Ken Postle

Customer groups:

  • All our marine, offshore and building industry customer groups